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Blog Tour: Holding Out For A Hero by Victoria Van Tiem – Q&A

On my blog today, I’d like to welcome the wonderful Victoria Van Tiem, whose debut novel, Love Like The Movies was such a breath of fresh and it was more romantic than red velvet curtains. To kick off the blog tour to celebrate her new book, Holding Out For A Hero, here’s a little Q&A with the lady herself!9781447269748

1. Can you tell us more about Holding Out for a Hero?

Even though Holding Out For A Hero is lots of fun with the 80s theme, it also deals with Libby’s very real and serious depression that she manages daily.

The story is told in current times but with memories of her and Ollie’s teenage romance. We learn through her young heart why she loves this boy and how in current times, the man, whom she still talks to daily, haunts her.

2. What inspired an 80’s theme?

Since I grew up in the 80s it was a natural connection, but the idea came from BOWLING FOR SOUP’s video 1985. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who’s unhappy with her average life of marriage, kids, and suburbia. It talks of when she had hopes and dreams for a bigger life, back in 1985. This made me think about the woman portrayed and wonder why she couldn’t let go and move on… What had happened to her?

I think many of us stall to a particular place in our lives. We get stopped by an event, an illness, or a time when things were happy and easier. Libby’s story and the 80s Intervention evolved from there.

HERO-pc3. Can you tell us about the main characters?

Libby London is a feisty, opinionated New York woman stuck in the 80s-which suits her just fine- she makes her living from owning an 80s vintage resale shop. She’s also still hung up on Oliver, her first love and best friend’s older brother, even though it ended while they were in high school.

Libby’s best friends include the slightly eccentric, but socially superior Finn; easy going Dean, and finally, the evil mastermind and hormonally charged, Dora. Together they form the Breakfast Club (Meeting every Sunday morning) & stage an #80sIntevention. This is where it begins to unravel.

Dr. P. – When Robin William’s suicide made international news August 11th, 2014, I was deep in final revisions of Holding out for a Hero. My heroine Libby, a New York vintage shop owner stuck in the 80s also struggles with depression and at her lowest point considers an end. The story starts there, but then backtracks through the two heartbreaking and simultaneously hilarious weeks leading up to it. Ironically, the story also pays homage to Robin Williams. Libby’s therapist, Dr. P. is modeled not only after the original funny man known to battle depression, but the character he played in Good Will Hunting. When I heard the news, this character I created as a living tribute became an even more treasured friend.

I hope Libby’s antics make you smile and laugh, and her bittersweet bumpy road in love and life touches your heart as it has mine.


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