About Me

91728798_226330775112807_8313102921612918784_nWell, guess this is the part where I have to introduce myself and tell you about my torrid love affair with books?

My name is Kevin and here are some fun facts about me!

  • Twenty-something
  • Malaysian
  • PR person
  • Leo – a total shameless flirt with nice hair
  • Book enthusiast/sniffer/caresser
  • must enter a bookstore every time I go to a shopping mall
  • Tea drinker who is beginning to like coffee
  • Has a long list of fictional lovers
  • Librocubicularist

See? Wasn’t that fun? OK, I shouldn’t talk about myself so much. Heh. If you’d like to get to know me or read about my most inane and irrelevant thoughts, do send me a tweet (@Bookevinnnnn)! Oh, my bad. I left this one out.

  • Voracious tweeter
  • If you still think I’m interesting, check out this post where I listed 50 random facts about me!

Thanks for reading and have fun on Bookevin!

38 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Omg I thought you’re a Filipino! Lol. By the way, I just dropped by to say hi and nice meeting you, Kevin! It’s so cool to see a guy who also loves to read and book blog!


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