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Review – Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

DALDDream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher
Publisher: Penguin (18th Jun 2015)

Sarah is doing just fine. Sure she’s been single for the last five years, and has to spend an uncomfortable amount of time around her ex-boyfriend, his perfect new girlfriend and all their mutual friends. And yes, her job as a PA to one of the most disgusting men in London is mind-numbingly tedious and her career is a constant disappointment to her mother. But it’s really okay. She’s happy (ish).

So it’s not surprising that when Sarah starts dreaming about a handsome stranger, she begins to look forward to falling asleep every night. Reality isn’t nearly as exciting. That is until her dream-stranger makes an unexpected real-life appearance, leaving Sarah questioning everything she thought she wanted.

Because no one ever really finds the person of their dreams… do they?

I adored Giovanna Fletcher’s previous novels, especially her debut novel, Billy and Me which was one of my Top 5 books of 2013 because it was such a romantic and adorable love story. So I look forward to reading her books every year and this year,RS it’s Dream A Little Dream which has one of the most stunning covers I’ve seen this year. It reminds me of that Baskin Robbins ice-cream called Sunset Sherbet. Yums. OK, who’s craving for ice-cream now? Here’s a picture to tempt you, babes.

Have you ever had recurring dreams about someone you might have met or someone who’s face you don’t recall seeing? Well, could you imagine having dreams, romantic/sensual/strange, about someone you’ve met ages ago? In Giovanna Fletcher’s latest book, the heroine Sarah’s life is hitting up shit creek for some time now after being left by her long-time boyfriend. To add insult to injury, she still sees him regularly as they are part of a group of close-knit friends. Pretty shit, right?

I liked the plot that surrounds the book and I, for one, likes to dream. I do. Occasionally I have very vivid dreams and apparently you forget 90% of your dreams once your eyes open, but I have had dreams where I’d love to revisit so I spend a majority of my days trying to recall what I’ve dreamt. Surely I’m not the only one? In Dream A Little Dream, Sarah dreams of a guy she once met a very long time ago: Brett Last. I admit, I did enjoy reading about the naughty dreams she had about Brett. Not ashamed to admit it. Heh.

Although the book might promise a serendipitous love story, it didn’t have the “wow” factor I expected. It’s a story that focuses on the heroine’s life (duh) and the choices she makes to turn her somewhat stagnant life around. For me, the book started off a bit slow but gradually, things picked up and the chemistry and banter between Sarah and Brett (yes, he’s real!) were really adorable and cheeky. Which I adored. Period.

Once again, Giovanna Fletcher delivers another heartwarming love story with a heroine that you would definitely root for and the sweetest of romance. A darling of a novel, Dream A Little Dream is sweet, romantic and Brett Last would make your cheeks blush redder than Cupid’s arse.

A massive thank you to Penguin for sending me a copy for review. Dream A Little Dream is out now on paperback and eBook. Have you read any of Giovanna’s books? Let me know what you think of them! And.. does anyone want to join me for that scoop of Sunset Sherbet?

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