[Review + Discount Code] True Wireless Earphones – Sudio Nivå by Sudio

For a while, I’ve been seeing gorgeous photos of these wireless earphones on my Instagram feed and upon discovering that they were Sudio’s latest innovation, Nivå, I had always dreamt of getting a pair for myself.

The thing is, I’ve been using the Apple earphones that came with my iPhone 8 Plus and they are undeniably great, but you know what is not to so great? Tangled up earphone wires that always get in the way!

Sudio Niva (1)

And you can imagine my excitement when the Swedish company got in touch with me, asking if I’d be interested to review their brand-new wireless earphones, the Sudio Nivå. I’d be a total fool if I were to say no to such an opportunity, am I right?

Besides, who wouldn’t love a pair of wireless earphones that look absolutely cute and practical. I am all about aesthetically-pleasing earphones that aren’t bulky and I feel that Sudio did an amazing job in terms of coming up with a design that’s simple, elegant and stylish.

Upon unboxing, here’s what you can expect in the box:

  • The Sudio Nivå wireless earphones, of course! Each wireless earphone has a 55mAh battery capacity and the portable charging case has about 500mAh
  • A micro USB cable, a user’s manual, 2 pairs of extra eartips and a warranty card

What I like about the Sudio Nivå is that they are easy to use and practical. Pairing them with my phone is a breeze. You can easily power them on by clicking on the buttons on the earphones for about 3 seconds and 6 seconds if you want to turn them off. The Sudio Nivå have built-in microphones and I’ve tested them while making a few calls and the sound quality is clear.

As for sound quality, I am very surprised by the quality because as most of you know, I am a huge fan of BTS and I do love getting my jam on whenever I read on the train to work. I’ve been listening to my music with the Nivå for a week and I have to say, I am very happy with how the Sudio Nivå have great ambience and emphasis on the bass, especially when I am listening to BTS’ Idol which is my current jam.

The Sudio Nivå come in 4 colours: white, black, pastel blue and pastel pink. I chose the pastel blue and I love how the colour stands out. In terms of its design, the Sudio Nivå fit snugly in my ears so I don’t have to worry about them falling off whenever I am wearing them.

Sudio Niva (3)

The portable charging case is something that really works well with the earphones because whenever you’re not using the earphones, you can place them back in the case which magnetically holds onto the earphones and leave them to charge. The Sudio Nivå have an average playtime of 3.5 hours and considering that I am a regular user—I have been using them for about 1-1.5 hours a day for the past week and the battery life is fantastic.

The Sudio Nivå are currently priced at RM425 on Sudio’s online store and the lovely people over at Sudio have given me a discount code for you! Simply use the code “BOOKEVIN” to get 15% off on your order on all Sudio products. To sweeten the deal, Sudio is also having an exclusive promotion where you get a complimentary set of Sudio coasters and free delivery to Malaysia! Find out more about Sudio Nivå and other products here.

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