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Bookevin Chats with Evelyn Skye!

What’s up, chicken nuggets? I was lucky enough to get an interview with the wonderful Evelyn Skye, author of the spellbinding The Crown’s Game which was out a couple of months ago.

We chatted about her debut novel, Hogwarts houses and Russian literature and history! If you’ve not read The Crown’s Game and you’re keen to discover what it’s about, check out my review here!

TCG1. If you could describe The Crown’s Game in 5 words or less, what would they be?

Dangerous magic and perilous love.

2. You have a degree in Russian lit and History. So what triggered you to write a story based on the tsardom in Russia? Was there a book or a fragment of history that inspired you to do so?

When I was studying Russian literature and history, it was always the 19th Century that drew me in the most. I loved Tolstoy and Turgenev’s works, particularly their depictions of the Russian countryside and the contrast to the aristocratic city.

There’s a fair amount of fiction about the later Romanov era–Rasputin, Anastasia, etc.–but not much about the earlier Romanovs, and I wanted to bring that to life for modern day readers. Hence, Tsar Alexander I’s reign as the background for Vika and Nikolai’s magical battle.

Evelyn Skye (c) Joyce Goldschmid Photography
Photo Credit to Joyce Goldschmid Photography

3. If you could sort your characters into Hogwarts Houses, who would be in which and why?

Nikolai would be Gryffindor for sure, because he’s chivalrous and daring. Vika would probably be Slytherin, as she’s not too fond of rules, not to mention her eyes are a piercing green. Pasha would be Ravenclaw, because he’s a scholar and he has a quick wit.

4. If you were Vika and you’re stuck in a love triangle between Nikolai and Pasha, who would you choose and why?

Oh, no, I can’t answer this one! It’s too hard to choose, as I love them both, for different reasons. They are both flawed, too… I suppose you’ll have to wait until the sequel to see what happens, or if Vika picks one of them at all.

5. The ending of The Crown’s Game suggests a sequel and I can say I would love to explore more of the universe you created. What can we expect from the next book(s)?

I am working on the sequel right now, and funny enough, I’m discovering what it’s about as I write it! But I can guarantee there will definitely be more magic, and more Saint Petersburg, and a few new characters to boot.

6. Quickfire Round!

Favourite TV show? So You Think You Can Dance.

Favourite comfort food? Noodles.

Ideal holiday destination? Sailing through the Caribbean.TDT

Favourite YA book of all time? Too difficult to choose, but if I must… The Dream Thieves (Book 2 of The Raven Cycle) by Maggie Stiefvater.

Favourite city in the world? Carmel. Or Paris. Or of course, Saint Petersburg. Seriously, why do you ask such hard questions?

Star sign? Taurus.

Your Hogwarts House? Slytherin. (Hi, Vika…)

I’d like to thank MPH Distributors for setting up the interview and Evelyn Skye for taking the time to answer all my questions!



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