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Blog Tour: Italian Summer and Wine // You Had Me at Merlot by Lisa Dickenson

Hello, hello! It’s my stop for the blog tour of Lisa Dickenson’s irresistibly funny You Had Me at Merlot! I first read You Had Me at Merlot in 2014 when it first published as a serial of eBooks and now, it’s out in glorious paperback with a sunny, summery cover that is to die for! Check out my review below!

9780751561937You Had Me at Merlot by Lisa Dickenson
Publisher: Sphere (16th Jun 2016)

Elle and Laurie are the last ones standing: they’re single, they’re not having babies anytime soon and their weekends aren’t filled with joyful meetings about mortgages. For Elle, this is fine. She likes her independent life, but Laurie wants love and she wants it now.

So when Laurie begs Elle to come with her on a singles holiday to a beautiful vineyard in Tuscany, Elle is reluctant. She has no intention of swapping her perfectly lovely life for someone else’s idea of her Mr Perfect, but ten days under the Italian sun with her best friend and lashings of wine? How bad could that be?

Wahey! Who runs the fabulous romantic comedies in my heart? BEYONCE! Okay, it’s Lisa Dickenson. This woman can come up with anything and whatever it is, I’ll laugh till I cry and cackle. Yes, I cackle when it comes to Lisa Dickenson’s books. I absolutely ADORED her debut novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas and I was ever so excited to read her latest, You Had Me at Merlot. Who would turn down such an amazing offer?

Elle doesn’t believe in relationships, she doesn’t need a man and she’s pretty contented with life. She’s working for an agency doing what she loves and she’s good at it. She’s got loving parents and everything is rosy for her. See? She and her best friend, Laurie don’t need a man, even though her group of friends have long abandoned their girl’s nights out trying to pull men and swap their heels for baby nappies. Then! Elle and Laurie head to Tuscany for a “singles holiday”. Well, surely Elle knows better than to fall in love with someone she knows for less than a week, right? After all, after a few glasses of Merlot, anything can happen!

I flipping loved You Had Me at Merlot. I couldn’t get enough of it and I was gutted when I came to the last page. I want more, I was craving for more. I love books that make me laugh and You Had Me at Merlot is such a feel-good romantic comedy, I couldn’t stop dreaming about a particular hunk with “drawable” arms and fantastic wine-making skills. I knew from the start that I will fall in love with the book. Come on, it’s set in Tuscany – one of the places I’ve dreamed of visiting.

Lisa Dickenson’s humour and irresistible charm shine like a star through her heroine, Elle and if I can say so, she and I will be the best of friends. Tuscany was described beautifully and with such vividness, I felt like I was in the book and my heart ached. I really want to go there. Lucky Elle. Sign me up for the next You Had Me at Merlot holiday! The book is not short of romance. You will cheer for Elle as she falls in love again after absolute yonks and be seduced by gloriously picturesque Italy.

Get ready to be swept away by the beauty of the romantic Tuscan countryside and a very sexy man who makes his own concoction of wine AND chocolate. I’d die and be in heaven if I have a man like that! Ha! You Had Me At Merlot is as sparkling as the crisp, tart white wine and as delicious and satisfying as your favourite warm, sultry Merlot.

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