Let’s Talk About Kevin

KEVINOh, hello, sugar cookies!

Please prepare yourself for an extremely narcissistic post about yours truly. Heh. Well, don’t blame me, blame Liam from Liam’s Library who suggested that I do this tag. Oh, God. I am rolling my eyes as I type this. Okay, random facts about me. Seriously, you are under no obligation to make until the end of this lengthy post. 50 random facts about me. Well, you’ll probably get bored after 10 but here goes.

  1. I love books. (See, Kev? That was easy!)
  2. I sniff books. Nothing weird about that.
  3. I sleep with my books – no joke. I have piles of books on my bed. And they smell good too.
  4. I am severely anal about my books. A little angel dies when I see cracked spines, folded pages/covers and dents. UGH.
  5. My birthday is August 18th. I share it with my Dad and a few friends.
  6. I’m a Leo!
  7. I am pursuing my degree in English Linguistics.
  8. I’ve taken the Sorting Hat quiz several times and I’m a confirmed Ravenclaw. RAVENCLAW PRIDE. Besides, blue and bronze look good on me.
  9. The furthest place I’ve gone to was Sydney, Australia and that was 12 years ago.
  10. I looked for 42 Wallaby Way profusely.
  11. I love writing but I delete everything I’ve written. I prefer to edit and proofread.
  12. I spent a fuckload of my time watching TV when I was younger.
  13. I can recite 90% of the dialogue in Mean Girls and White Chicks.
  14. ARE YOU STILL WITH ME? Or are you half-hanging on your seat? Or your phone’s smack dab on your face? NO? Okay, moving on. I swear a lot. Like, a lot. I am worse than a sailor.
  15. I never liked wearing formal attires. UCK.
  16. My favourite retail store is Uniqlo. Most of the time, I’m head-to-toe in Uniqlo.
  17. I wear sweatpants to class most of the time.
  18. My best friend and I bonded over books, tea and Gossip GirlI am the Serena to her Blair.
  19. I used to play the violin and pretend that I’m one of the girls in Bond. Oh, good times.
  20. I think Daniel Radcliffe is cute.
  21. I have a sweet tooth.
  22. I like my popcorn mixed – half caramel, half salted.
  23. I have a stuffed panda plush called Ky.
  24. Bianca Del Rio is my spirit animal.
  25. I have one too many fictional boyfriends.
  26. My favourite colour is mint.
  27. I see myself working in New York, hopefully in one of the publishing houses in the future.
  28. I love YA more than anything now.
  29. I am a tea drinker but lately, I don’t mind coffee! Earl Grey, anyone?
  30. I am a huge fan of Adele. You can hear me blaring her songs when I’m in my room. Current favourite: All I Ask.
  31. I’ve been in the newspaper for World Book Day 2014.
  32. I don’t cry easily.
  33. My best friend says that I have a layer of ice surrounding my frozen heart. Which is true.
  34. I fanboy easily. Ask Sarah J. Maas.
  35. My handwriting depends on my mood.
  36. I like making lists.. of books I want to get!
  37. I play tennis.
  38. Maria Sharapova is my queen.
  39. I love Chris Evan’s tree stumps. I mean arms.
  40. Bookstores are my natural habitat.
  41. I eat Nutella out of the jar. Peanut butter too. Just ask Sarah J. Maas. It’s the only way to eat them.
  42. I have a bad record when it comes to LGBT books. Like, I don’t even know why.
  43. I am perpetually rolling my eyes. I get annoyed easily. At least, that’s what I tell myself.
  44. My favourite Disney films are Mulan and The Little Mermaid.
  45. I am pretty good at celebrity impressions! Adele, Nigella Lawson, Bianca Del Rio, Fran Drescher, Ariana Grande, just to name a few.
  46. I speak English, Malay, basic Cantonese and beginner’s French. Je parle anglais, malais, cantonnaise et français.
  47. Pizza is life.
  48. I had a Golden Retriever called Happy and a Rottweiler called Kaizer but they ran out of the house and never came back.
  49. I love my Harry Potter dreams. They are the best.
  50. I am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter that is 11 years late.
  51. BONUS: I think you’re cute!

Fuck me, that wasn’t so hard. I took less than a day.

Thank you for painstakingly reading every single fact about me. If you skimmed through, I still think you’re cute.

If you fancy doing this tag, go ahead! BUT I AM TAGGING Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts because I want to know how old he is.

20 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Kevin”

  1. OMG this list though. :D I hope I get to see you one day, Kevin, at NY in the future hehe.

    I’m anal about books too. Like they have to be in TOP condition, or else my heart will shed a tear. (Although I’m like that with most things… Once I refused to use a piece of paper for my notes because it got bent from a book. WHat is my life?!) Yay for good-smelling books! (and sweatpants ftw omg)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. BWAHAH WE WILL GLADLY DO IT BUT DUUDE 50 FACTS ARE A LOT OF FACTS LOL. We did some bookish facts on other posts like in our awards section :D But if tehre any facts you want to ask us, we will gladly answer youu ;) – Trang

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting facts. Nice to meet you Kevin :-) Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, White Chics,we may be worlds apart( I am in Kenya) but those are some of my favorite movies plus TV Series(GG). You are cute too :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Seriously, just stop with saying you’re not interesting. This was so great to read!
    We’re both born in August and we’re both Ravenclaws, I knew there was a reason I liked you :)
    I think I can recite 100% of the dialogue from Mean Girls, that movie is liiiiifffeee. By the way, you misspelt Serena Williams when you were talking about your favourite tennis player. Just thought I’d let you know. Oh man, Chris Evans *fans self*, he should never wear a shirt.
    And me too Kevin, me too. One day our Hogwarts letter will arrive and we’ll both be in Ravenclaw, visiting Hogsmeade and going to the library. It will happen!
    You’re the best for doing this. It was awesome to read all these things about you. <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Oh, so you like me? 😏😏

      Mean Girls is life. Yasssssssss, gawd. Like, Regina George is my spirit animal besides Bianca. Haha.

      We shall hang out in the Ravenclaw common room and read by the fire! And check out the Hogwarts library!

      Aw, shucks. You’re making me blush, Liam! Thanks for reading everything! 😝


      1. Keep it in your pants Kevin, geez ;)
        Yes! Regina’s queen. Is Bianca from that show RuPaul’s Drag Race? My friend’s obsessed with it. You two should be besties.
        OMG the common room is so awesome. I’d be so worried about figuring out the riddle at the door though.
        You’re welcome. We’ll call it even, not prize for either of us for reading it all?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Pfft! What were you thinking with all the pants business? Christ on a bike, Liam!

        Yessss. Bianca is from Drag Race – I need to meet this friend of yours! Maybe I’ll like him/her more than you 😏

        Don’t worry! We have other Ravenclaws to help us! Though the whole riddle is quite daunting 😝


  4. Hi there, hello Kevin! Well this post was a bit narcissistic indeed, but I love getting to know other bloggers! Don’t worry, I snif books as well. NOTHING weird about that, ahah. And you love editing? Well, we should trade places: I LOVE writing, but editing is something I can’t manage to do. I try, though. I think I know the movie Mean Girls by heart, I just love it so, so much ahah.
    And hm, books, tea, and Gossip Girl? YES PLEASE.

    Liked by 1 person

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