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LKTop Ten TV Best Friends

If you’ve ever seen my Twitter feed, you’ll know I am someone who watches a lot of TV and as such, I think about said TV far too much. Like, who would be my dream TV boyfriend? And who would be my dream TV best friend? In the style of Taylor Swift, I have assembled my dream TV BFF squad. Now all I have to do is become a super mega famous popstar and bring all these people to life and then we’re set. EASY!

  1. Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project

Firstly, when you live in New York, it’s just a good idea to be friends with a doctor, no matter what kind of doctor. Secondly, Mindy is my go to gal for romcoms, snacks and generally discussing Beyonce’s positive influence on the world. If I could choose any TV character to be my bestie, it would be on Dr Mindy Lahiri.

  1. Chandler Bing from Friends

Hear me out, I know he’s a left field choice from the Friends friends but think about it. How many times did Chandler Bing help Joey out of a fix? A million! Of all the friends, Chandler is the most reliable, more generous and you know, maybe he’d fix me up with some of his advertising buddies.

  1. Mulder from The X-Files

Yeah, he’s moody and maybe he’s obsessed with his job but who wouldn’t want to hang out with an FBI alien hunter? Think of the stories! And I bet he’s a right laugh when he’s had a couple.

  1. Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett has literally died for her friends on numerous occasions, something that can’t be dismissed in Mystic Falls. Yes, she’s a witch but she’s also got great style and really nice hair. If I needed a makeover and a protection spell, I’d go to Bonnie.

  1. Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m big on witches on this list… Willow Rosenberg might be a crazy powerful wicca but she’s also a faultless bestie who can bake you a cake and raise you from the dead. Plus, she does an excellent line in puns and I’m a sucker for word play.

  1. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Yes, he’s dedicated his life to the night’s watch but that just goes to show you how loyal he is. Mostly, he’s on the list because I want to borrow that big black feather cloak (so on trend) but also, he’s one of the few characters on Game of Thrones who actually does what they say they’re going to do. I’d love to get a pizza with him and Brienne of Tarth. Just saying.

  1. Dr Who from Dr Who

So, there’s a chance that rolling with The Doctor would result in the odd battle with a Dalek and you’d be more of a companion than a friend but think of the shenanigans! And the allure of intergalactic travel is too much to ignore.

  1. Landry from Friday Night Lights

Lovely, lovely Landry. He’ll literally kill a man for his friends and still take you to the football game on a Friday night. Loyal to the end and a possible way in to meeting and marrying Tim Riggins, Landry is the best boy friend a girl could wish for in Dillon, Texas.

  1. Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU

Olivia might have to cancel on you sometimes but that’s because she’s kicking ass and taking names all over the streets of New York. As well as being a badass sergeant with the NYPD, she likes a glass of wine, she’s got a great apartment and she has a nice line in silk shirts. If she’s good enough to give her name to one of Taylor Swift’s cats, she’s good enough to be one of my squad, any day.

  1. Miranda Hobbs from Sex and the City

As well as befriending a doctor, it’s smart to know a lawyer and Miranda is my AGBFfavourite. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s totally no-bullsh*t. Actually, I wonder if she’d like to come and have a glass/bottle of wine with me and Olivia sometime?

A Girl’s Best Friend is the third book in the About A Girl series and it’s out now!

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