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Review – A Night In With Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday

ANIWAHA Night In With Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday
Publisher: Harper (21st May 2015)

Actress Libby Lomax has retreated into the world of classic movies, where the immortal lives of her favourite screen goddesses seem to offer so much more in the romance department than her own life.

After a terrible day on set where she embarrasses herself in front of the entire cast and worst of all, it’s sexy bad-boy star, Dillon O’Hara, she plonks herself down on her battered couch to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the trillionth time.

Suddenly, Libby is astonished to find screen icon Audrey Hepburn, complete with little black dress, trademark sunglasses and vintage cigarette holder, sitting beside her and proffering advice.

Has Libby got what it takes to turn her life from a Turkey to a Blockbuster? Perhaps with a little bit of Audrey Hepburn magic, she might just pull it off…

When the wonderful Charlotte Ledger asked me to reveal the (fabulous) covers of Lucy Holliday’s A Night In series, I was totally on board. I love a good cover and the fact that they were truly adorable was reason enough to say yes! As a fan of romantic comedies and love stories, the blurb of A Night In With Audrey Hepburn promises all the addictive “ooh” and “ahh” moments – especially the tender and heart-soaring inducing ones – fans would rejoice over. Honestly speaking, who doesn’t love a romantic comedy that will guarantee you that warm, gooey feeling you get in your stomach after you’ve reached the ending?

A Night In With Audrey Hepburn is just flipping amazing. If I have to write a review about this book, I’ll probably gush like the bookish fanboy that I am, but who has time for my bookalicious ramblings, yes? Nevertheless, since you’re reading this review, you don’t have a choice but read what I have to say/gush about Lucy Holliday’s fabulous debut novel.

The book follows the misfortunes of Libby Lomax, a struggling actress who has finally landed her first speaking role in five years but a little accident leads to a massive cock up and leaves her humiliated. However, things turn around when Hollywood starlet Audrey Hepburn joins her for a glass of wine after the really shitty day.

What I really enjoyed from reading A Night In With Audrey Hepburn is the light humour from Lucy Holliday’s writing. It’s feel-good and charming, which complements the premise of the book and it makes the heroine’s voice stand out. Personally, I really liked Libby and I warmed up to her right from the start. She’s your girl-next-door who is down-to-earth, funny when she’s not even trying and at times, a bit kooky but you’ve got to love a heroine who has hearth.

The romance in the book is just spot on and quintessential for a romantic comedy, with the perfect balance of swoon-worthy moments and charm. I enjoyed reading the witty banter between Libby and Dillon O’Hara (oh, how much heart pines for a heartthrob like him!). And who can forget the lovely and adorable Olly? As much as I love Dillon’s charm and clever jokes, I am definitely the flag bearer for Team Olly!

A fabulously flirty debut novel by Lucy Holliday which is bursting with charm and humour, and the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood that is featured in the book gives the story a different flavour compared to the books in the market today. I loved it and I couldn’t get enough of Libby’s love misfortunes. November, please come quicker so I can indulge in the next book in the series, A Night In With Marilyn Monroe! *squeals*

I’d like to thank HarperCollins UK for sending me a copy of this delightful novel for review. A Night In With Audrey Hepburn is out on paperback and eBook now. The second book, A Night In With Marilyn Monroe is out on 5th Nov 2015, followed by A Night In with Grace Kelly on 5th May 2016.


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