Interview – Nicola Doherty

GOTNicola Doherty has written two novels, The Out of Office Girl and If I Could Turn Back Time, and I loved both of them! This year, her book, Girls on Tour is based on four girls who travel to different cities and have their very own adventures. How amazing does that sound, right? So here she is today on Bookevin, talking about her latest book and I even managed to asked her to talk about her biggest fear!

1.  What gave you the idea to write the serial ebooks?

I wanted to write a short novella with Poppy as a main character, just for fun. Then I was discussing it with my amazing agent Rowan (over tea at Shoreditch House – important detail) and somehow we came up with the idea of having a whole series of adventures with different girls. I was originally going to have Poppy go to Los Angeles but that was a terrible idea – Paris suited her way better.

2.  Of all the parts in the Girls on Tour series, which is your favourite to write?

Hm, tricky! I really enjoyed writing all of them, especially the finale The Girls Take Manhattan. But my favourite bits to write were the new sections in between the novellas, where I got the chance to fill in little things – like how Lily settled into LA, and how Maggie and Rachel made friends, and how Poppy ‘came out’ to her office colleagues about her new romance… and I really enjoyed writing the emails between the girls where they talk about their everyday lives. They sort of wrote themselves.

3.  Do you go on “research” trips? Where are you planning to go next?

I don’t do research trips as such – I just go on a lot of holidays! I just got back from two weeks in Japan which was amazing, but I’m not sure if I’ll write anything set there yet. I think you need to visit a place before you know if you want to write about it – rather than decide ‘My next book will be set in Sweden’ and go there. Though that does sound quite cool …

4.  What are you working on at the moment? Could you give us a sneak peek?

Yes! I’m working on a romance for young adults. It’s called Love and Other Man-Made Disasters and I’m very excited about it. It’s due out next year from Orion.

5.  Quickfire Round!

Tea dresses or blouse and shorts?

I love tea dresses but shorts are more fun.

Favourite accessory you own?

My Marc Jacobs watch. It’s chunky rose gold with a white face – I bought it in 2011 and have barely taken it off since.

Favourite ice-cream flavour?

There’s a cool shop in San Francisco called Humphrey Slocombe with crazy flavours like Balsamic Caramel.. It’s very fun but you can’t beat coffee, or mint choc chip. I hate chocolate ice-cream, by the way. It just makes me thirsty.

Favourite holiday destination.

I’ve never had a bad time in Italy – or New York.

Biggest fear!

Spiders. They’re definitely plotting something.

What’s the closest thing to your left hand?

At the moment, my left foot because I’m sitting on the floor – and then my iPhone!

Girls on Tour is now available on paperback and eBook!

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